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Intelligent Design, Creationism and Evolution in Denmark and the rest of the world

Evolution of the APP gene contradicts Creation

The APP gene of the Cat family was analyzed for variation.
15 different alleles was found in 17 species from as many genera.

Here is a list of GenBank numbers of the sequences: 

Neofelis: DQ081766
Panthera: DQ081763
Puma: DQ081742
Herpailurus: DQ081743
Lynx: DQ081748
Acinonyx: DQ081744
Catopuma: DQ081760
Prionailu: DQ081738
Otocolobus: DQ081737
Caracal: DQ081749
Oreailurus: DQ081754
Leptailurus: DQ081751
Leopardus: DQ081758
Profelis: DQ081750
Pardofelis: DQ081759
Uncia: DQ081765

Especially Otocolobus, Leopardus and Oreailurus attract interest.
The sequence of these three are closer to each other, than to any of the other species.
But still even if you look up the very best conditions, there had to be 4, 3 and 4 mutations in each of the lines leading from a common ancestor to these species.

Differences between the other species makes it most plausible that these has to be grouped in at least three groups in order to minimize the number of mutations from the common ancestor.
This means that the alleles of the three species mentioned have to have originated from the same allele in one of the survivors of the flood.

But the probability of so many mutations in three independent lines in such a short time is extremely small.

Hence the conclusion: It didn't happen. Cats evolved over much longer time than 4500 years


Opdateret 27/07/2016