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Intelligent Design, Creationism and Evolution in Denmark and the rest of the world

Mike Roth's original document

Evolution is a Theory, NOT a Scientific Fact:

* Evolution is a theory universally accepted not because it can be proven by logically coherent evidence, but because the only alternative, special creation, is ignored and rejected.

* Generations of students continue to be indoctrinated in outdated evolutionary theories, not even understanding that such teachings are continually modified and discarded in the real world.

* Evolution is a philosophy, NOT a science as claimed. It is unproven and unprovable. It has no written record or eyewitnesses.

o In contrast, the biblical view of history is from the written record of eyewitnesses to all events of history. Secular authors from Christ’s time, such as Josephus corroborate biblical history.

* Evolution isn’t even a good scientific theory - it violates numerous scientific laws.

* To qualify as real scientific theory, it must be supported by events, processes, or properties which can be repeatedly observed in the present, not just chance. This is impossible with evolution.

* Increasing numbers of biological scientists and evolutionists have rejected evolution and have become creationists.

* Many scientists accept the theory of evolution because they are unbelievers; and desire to accept a materialistic, naturalistic explanation for the origin of all things rather than divine creation.

* Creationists have engaged evolutionists in debates throughout the USA and many other countries in hundreds, if not thousands, of debates. Evolutionists have admitted that the creationists have won nearly all of them.

* Creationists often appeal to the facts of science to support their view, and evolutionists often appeal to philosophical assumptions from outside of science.

* Evolutionists are often not consistent with their own rules against an intelligent designer. For example, when archaeologists find an arrowhead, they know it was designed, even though they haven’t seen the designer. And, the whole basis of the SETI program is that a signal from outer space carrying specific information must have an intelligent source. Yet their bias causes them to reject an intelligent source for the literally encyclopedic information carried in every living cell.

* Stephen Jay Gould and others have shown that Darwin’s purpose was to destroy the idea of a divine designer. Richard Dawkins applauds evolution because he claims that before Darwin it was impossible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, as he says he is.


* The origin of life, what actually did happen, can only be decided, scientifically, by an examination of the historical fossil record.

* If evolution is true, the hundreds of thousands of fossils collected over the years would include at least a few intermediate, transitional, evolutionary forms (ie. apes to man, fish to birds, etc). Yet, not one has ever been found. It is physically impossible to have millions of years of evolution, producing a vastly diverse collection of complex invertebrates, without leaving a trace of these!

* Practically every scrap of bone that is discovered is given a new species designation. What joy is there in plodding in someone else’s footsteps, and what fame is there in paleoanthropology unless one finds a fossil pointing the “true way” to man’s ancestry, especially if the claim is made that it is the very oldest in this field?

* Evolutionists Glenister and Witzke state: “it is our contention that the fossil record is much more in accord with the predictions based on [biblical] creation than with those based on the theory of evolution, and actually strongly contradicts evolution theory.

Cave-men and Skeletons

* So called “cave-men” (Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon”¦,) most likely were descendants of Noah’s family, scattered throughout parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, as they dispersed from

the site of their ancestral home. They are believed to be descendants of post-flood man because all the remains have been discovered in the so-called Pleistocene deposits, which are believed to be post-flood. They are now known to have been living at the same time as “modern” man.

* “Ape men” are a side-branch of man, not ape-men leading to man. Their differing bone structures can be compared to the Aborigines or the Mayans, who have noticeably different bone and soft tissue structures.

* DNA is quickly broken down by water and oxygen, so under favorable conditions, DNA might last tens of thousands of years at best. This raises serious questions about the 100,000-year “age” that some scientists have assigned to skeletons.

* Numerous forgeries have been revealed that supposedly were the remains, skeletons and skulls of so-called ape-men.

Evolutionary process

* There’s a common practice to call all change in organisms “evolution. This is not correct. While organisms do change, the difference lies in the type of change.

* The fish-to-philosopher type of evolution requires that non-living chemicals organize themselves into a self-reproducing organism. It is similar to throwing a box full of Legos onto the floor and having them organize into a city by themselves!

* Many evolutionists point to allegedly imperfect structures as “proof” of evolution. This is actually an argument against perfect design rather than for evolution.

* Organisms lose information over time, they do not gain it from nothing. The proof likes in sexual reproduction where each organism inherits only half the information carried by each parent.

Descended from Apes?

* Since DNA contains the coding for structures and biochemical molecules, we should expect the most similar creatures to have the most similar DNA. Apes and humans are both mammals, with similar shapes, so have similar DNA.

Old Earth (millions of years) vs. Newer Earth (thousands of years)

* There are many examples where modern dating methods give “dates” that are wrong for rocks of known historical age. Example: a rock from a dacite lava dome at Mount St. Helens volcano. Although we know the rock was formed in 1986, the rock was “dated” by the potassium-argon (K-Ar) method as 0.35 + - 0.05 million years old!

* Red blood cells and hemoglobin have been found in some (unfossilized) dinosaur bone. But these could not last more than a few thousand years

Transitional Evolutionary Forms - Where’s the Proof?

* Even Charles Darwin was concerned that no transitional fossils had ever been found, which contradicted his theory. Many evolution books claim transitional forms, but provide absolutely no evidence! Darwin stated, quite correctly, that if his evolution theory was true, there should be very large numbers of “in-between types” found as fossils.

* Intermediate theory presents a real problem. If a bat or bird evolved from a land animal, the transitional forms would have forelimbs that were neither good legs nor good wings. They would not have been naturally selected for survival!

* In addition, the hypothetical intermediate stages of “bellows” - style lungs of reptiles evolving gradually into avian lungs, would mean that the poor animal would have been unable to breathe at some point in the “evolutionary” process.

* We should remember that the media often sensationalize “proofs” of evolution, but the later dis-proofs, even by other evolutionists, hardly rate a mention.

Do We See Evolution Happening?

* In brief, no, though living things do change. Every living thing contains a program. For a human being it specifies whether that person will have brown or blue eyes, straight or curly hair, etc.

* Evolution teaches that a comparatively simple creature, like the one-celled amoeba, has become a much more complicated one, like a horse. The simplest known one-celled creatures are complex, but they clearly do not contain as much information as a horse or a man. So to go from cell to man would require many steps, each involving an impossible INCREASE IN INFORMATION.

* The fact is that the many small changes we do see in creatures do not involve increasing information - they actually involve the taking away of information

Natural Selection Is Not The Same As Evolution

* When we look at inherited changes occurring in living things, we see information either staying the same (and recombining in different ways resulting in great species variation), or being corrupted or lost (mutation, extinction), but we never see anything that qualifies as real, informationally “uphill” evolutionary change.

* Consider a roomful of dogs; they are all the descendants of one pair. Some will be shorter, some taller. But this normal process of variation does NOT involve any new information - the information was already there in that original pair of dogs.

* In fact, starting with the short breed only, no amount of breeding and selection will produce a tall variety, because some of the “tall” information has been lost in that population.

* When information is transmitted (reproduced), it either stays the same or reduces. Meaningless “noise” gets added (ex. copying one audio tape or CD to another repeatedly). At best, the information stays the same. However, usually it will degrade over time. It can be shown mathematically that this is just one more consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

* Natural selection can favor some information above others, and can cause some of the information to be lost, but it cannot create any new information. Therefore organisms must have been created miraculously/supernaturally.

* Insecticide resistance shows how the information for resistance was already there in some of the insect population before man began to spray insecticide. Resistance did not evolve.

* Also, the once-perfect environments have deteriorated into harsher ones. Creatures adapted to this new environments, and this adaptation took the form of weeding out some genetic information. This is natural selection, not evolution.

Dating Methods

* Evolutionists obtain their dates by INDIRECT dating methods that other scientists show cannot be trusted.

* Carbon-dating does not determine millions of years. It is actually a method that can date only those things which still contain organic carbon (unlike most fossil bones, for example).

* Radiometric methods - dates in the ‘nearest ballpark’ are assumed to be correct and are published, but those in disagreement with other data are seldom published nor fully explained.


* Dinosaurs were real (the fossils prove it) and first existed around 6,000 years ago; land animals were created on the sixth day.

* Dinosaurs could not have died out before this time because death, bloodshed, disease, and suffering only

occurred after and is a result of Adam's sin.

* Evolutionists are dogmatic that dinosaurs never lived beside humans. But, in fact, there’s plenty of historical evidence they did. Cave paintings done by Indians in America clearly depict dinosaurs.

* When scientists dig up a few bones of a dinosaurs, the flesh is not still intact. Even if they found all the bones (and they often have only a few fragments), scientists still would have less than 40 percent of the animal to tell them what it originally looked like. Most dinosaur depictions are simply assumptions.

* Evidence indicates dinosaur bones are not very old. In fact, scientists at the University of Montana found T-rex bones that were not totally fossilized.

* The word "dinosaur" was first coined in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen, from two Greek words, deinos and sauros, which means "terrible lizard." Therefore we would not see the word "dinosaur" in the Bible! However, the Bible does speak of dragons.

* Job 41 describes a great animal that lived in the sea, Leviathan, that even breathed fire.

* The Hebrew word translated "whales" is actually the word for "dragon."

* One of the oldest books of British history - The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, records encounters people had with dragons, and many of the descriptions fit well-known dinosaurs.

* In the 1500s, a European scientific book, Historia Animalium, listed several animals, which to us are dinosaurs, as still alive. However, many of these animals, like today, have become extinct.

* The evolutionist teachings on dinosaurs cannot be defended, However, if one accepts God's Word, beginning with Genesis, as true and authoritative, then one CAN explain dinosaurs and make sense of the evidence we observe in the world around us.

Noah’s Ark and the Flood

* Representatives of all the KINDS of land animals, including two of every kind of dinosaur went on board Noah's ark.

* Since none of the creatures of the sea were taken on Noah's ark, there would be a strong possibility that some plesiosaurs or ichthyosaurs survived the flood. The violent and turbulent waters of the flood would surely have killed and buried many of the sea creatures (over 90% of fossils found are of marine animals).

* To form the billions of fossils we see worldwide (in layers sometimes miles thick), the organisms, by and large, must have been buried quickly, not over millions of years.

* Since the flood, many animals have died out from diseases, lack of food, etc., including the dinosaurs.

* Noah's ark was huge. At least 75,000 individual animals (more than enough for all the "kinds") could have fit on just one of the three floors of the ark.

* The average size of a dinosaur (based on the skeletons all over the earth) is about the size of a sheep.

* It is realistic to assume that God would have sent young adults on the ark, not fully grown creatures as is often portrayed.

* Land animals (including dinosaurs) that didn't go on the ark obviously drowned. Many of their bodies were preserved in the layers formed by the massive flooding, thus the billions of fossils.

* Many marine species became extinct at the time of Noah's flood. Many plants and air-breathing, land-dwelling animals have become extinct since the flood. Today, between 10-100 species go extinct each year!

* Because sedimentation (layers and thickness of soil and rock) usually occurs slowly today, it is assumed that it must have always occurred slowly. Unless fish were buried quickly, and the sediments (e.g., mud and sand) hardened fairly rapidly, fossil features would not be preserved.

* Ironically, NASA scientists believe there have been “catastrophic floods” on Mars that carved out canyons although no liquid water is present today. Yet, they deny that a global flood happened on earth, where there is enough water to cover the whole planet to a depth of 1.7 miles if it were completely uniform, and even now covers 71% of the earth’s surface! If it weren’t for the fact that the Bible teaches it, they probably would have no problem with a global flood here.

* Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory (USA) have taken ordinary wood fragments, mixed

them with some acid-activated clay and water, heated the mixture for 28 days at only 150 degrees Celsius with no added pressure in an air-free sealed quartz tube, and obtained high-grade black coal. It doesn’t need millions of years!

* Massive amounts of moving water can rapidly perform an enormous amount of geological work. When Mount St. Helens erupted, there were landslides, mud flows, and other sedimentary phenomena. Over 180 meters of layered sedimentary rock has built up since the initial explosion. A canyon 30 meters deep and somewhat wider was carved in one day by one mud flow.

* Whether Australian Aborigines, Arctic Eskimos, or American Indians, virtually every tribe and nation on earth has a similar flood story. Not one of these ancient records puts the date of creation earlier than 7000 B.C. It is surely more than coincidental that ancient civilizations, which were by no means ignorant of timekeeping by astronomical methods, should all begin their historical record at this arbitrary date. Only modern man in the last 150 years or so has attempted to stretch the age of the earth to millions of years.

Garden of Eden

* Evolutionists claim that since many animals have sharp teeth, they could not have been vegetarian as many say they were in the Garden of Eden. However, there are many animals today that have sharp teeth, but are basically vegetarian, including the panda, male camels, bears etc.

* Additionally, after the Fall and the Flood, God could easily change the behavior of animals from plant eating to flesh eating.

Evolution; statistically, logically and physically impossible

* It is a physical and logical impossibility for matter to create itself from nothing as in the “Big Bang” theory; the universe cannot be eternal because this violates several scientific laws such as the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, which teach that the universe had to have a beginning, is slowly running down (or running out of energy), and that, left to its own, will one day become lifeless and inert.

* The “Big Bang” theory also has too many irremediable problems, including how the “cosmic egg” ever originated, as well as how a chance explosion of matter could ever produce such incredibly fine-tuned accuracy to result in extremely ordered galaxies, solar systems, planets, moons and life.

* The claim that life in its simplest forms could originate on earth by chance is also a mathematical impossibility. This idea violates the law of biogenesis, that life originates only from life, as well as other scientific laws, and is proven false by the science of probability:

o The chance that life could evolve from non-life is statistically zero no matter how old the universe. Many evolutionists have conceded that if the odds of evolution occurring are just 1 in 10250 (the figure 1 with 250 zeros), then in the words of Henry Quastler in The Emergence of Biological Organization (Yale University Press 1964, p. 7), “It is virtually impossible that life has originated by a random association of molecules.”

o Borel’s single law of chance tells us that when the chance exceeds 1 chance in 1050, absolutely no chance remains for an event to occur.

* If the “Big Bang” model were accurate, there should not be galaxies out there at all and they certainly shouldn’t be grouped together the way they are.

* Astronomers and physicists, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Newton were all young-earth creationists.

* There is an obvious difference between writing by an intelligent person, e.g. Shakespeare’s plays, and a random letter sequence like WDLMNLTDTJBK or even a repetitive sequence like

ABCDABCDABCD. The latter is an example of order, which must be distinguished from specified complexity such as Shakespeare’s writings.

* Another example is the SETI program (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). It’s a wasteful and pointless program since there’s no way of determining whether a certain type of signal from outer space is proof of an intelligent sender. It again, would have to be a signal with a high level of specified complexity. Neither a random nor a repetitive sequence would be proof.

* Crystals have been used by evolutionists as evidence of structure that can arise naturally. But again, this is simply a repetitive arrangement of ordered atoms, not specified complexity.

* If it’s unreasonable to believe that an encyclopedia could have originated by itself, then it’s just as unreasonable to believe that life could have originated by itself without an intelligent designer.

Human Population

* For those who doubt that the human race could have risen to today’s numbers from just 8 people on an ark”¦ It’s actually a fact that today, human populations are increasing consistently at more than 1% per year. Allowing for disease, famine, wars, and so forth, and using a much more conservative figure of 0.5%, at this rate, it would take only around 4,000 to 5,000 years, staring with eight people from Noah’s Ark, to reach today’s population.

* Since mutation-caused defects, occurring after a fault-free beginning, take time to accumulate over generations, Adam’s offspring need not have feared deformities in the children of close marriages for many centuries.

* One Race: many are surprised to learn that there is only ONE main coloring pigment in humanity.

Additional Thoughts:

* Truth is not decided by majority vote! Truth is truth, not what people want it to be.

* The more people reject God and believe evolution, the more they could logically say, "There is no God. Why should I obey authority? No one owns me - I own myself and can do what I want.” That is why belief in evolution is very appealing to most people - they will have no god ruling over them.

* If a person wanted to destroy any building, the best way would be to destroy the foundation. Likewise, if someone wanted to attempt to destroy Christianity, then they would need to destroy the foundations which are established in the Book of Genesis. This is the goal of evolutionary thinking.

* Ernst Haeckel was Darwin’s advocate in Germany. His evolutionary ideas were instrumental in the later rise of Nazism.


* Soren Lovtrup, Professor of Embryology, University of Umea, Sweden: “I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science. When this happens, many people will pose the question: how did this ever happen?”

* Evolutionist Richard Dickerson: “Science is fundamentally a game. It is a game with one overriding and defining rule: Let us see how far and to what extent we can explain the behavior of the physical and material universe in terms of purely physical and material causes, without invoking the supernatural [God].”

Opdateret 11/10/2016