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mtDNA and phylogeny

I have collected a large number of mitochondrial genomes from the GenBank.
If you copy two or more numbers into the BLAST analyser, you will get the homologies.

Here are one from each of the genera in Primates (a few is missing, because they havn't been sequenced).

There are a few good reasons why mtDNA is good for this kind of work.
Lots of sequences are known.
Alignment is simple.
Mutations rates are high meaning that even closely related species can be compared.
If protein sequences are identified more distantly related species can be compared.

(Species names in Danish - sorry!)

Hominidae Homo sapiens, Menneske HQ260949
Hominidae Pan troglodytes, Chimpanse JF727202
Hominidae Pan paniscus, Bonobo, Dværgchimpanse HM015213
Hominidae Gorilla gorilla, Vestlig Gorilla NC_011120
Hominidae Gorilla beringei, Østlig Gorilla KM242275
Hominidae Pongo pygmaeus, Borneo-Orangutang NC_001646
Hominidae Pongo abelii, Sumatra-Orangutang X97707
Hylobatidae, Gibbons Nomascus gabriellae, Gulkindet Gibbon NC_018753
Hylobatidae, Gibbons Symphalangus syndactylus, Siamang NC_014047
Hylobatidae, Gibbons Hoolock hoolock NC_023377
Hylobatidae, Gibbons Hylobates lar, Hvidhåndet Gibbon HQ622776
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Theropithecus gelada, Gelada KC757412
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Macaca nigra, Makak KP072068
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Chlorocebus cynosurus, Marekat NC_024933
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Mandrillus sphinx, Mandril KC757403
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Papio anubis, Anubis-Bavian NC_020006
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Allenopithecus nigroviridis, Sumpabe NC_023965
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Cercocebus torquatus, Mangabey NC_023964
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Cercopithecus diana, Diana-Marekat NC_023963
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Lophocebus Aterrimus, Sort Mangabey NC_021954
Cercopithecidae, Cercopithecinae Erythrocebus patas, Husarabe NC_021947
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Colobus guereza, Guereza NC_006901
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Trachypithecus cristatus, Langur NC_023971
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Pygathrix nemaeus, Stumpnæseabe NC_008220
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Simias concolor, Simiakobou NC_020667
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Procolobus verus, Grøn Colobusabe NC_020666
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Piliocolobus badius, Rød Colobusabe NC_008219
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Semnopithecus entellus, Hulman-Aber NC_008215
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Presbytis melalophos, Langur NC_008217
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Nasalis larvatus, Næseabe NC_008216
Cercopithecidae, Colobinae Rhinopithecus Bieti, Kostume-Abe NC_015486
Platyrrhini, Aotidae Aotus azarai, Natabe KC757385
Platyrrhini, Pitheciidae, Callicebinae Callicebus lugens, Springabe NC_024630
Platyrrhini, Pitheciidae, Callicebinae Plecturocebus donacophilus FJ785423
Platyrrhini, Pitheciidae, Pitheciinae Cacajao calvus, Rød Uakari KC959985
Platyrrhini, Pitheciidae, Pitheciinae Chiropotes isrealita, Skægsaki NC_024629
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Callithricginae Callimico goeldii, Goeldis Marmoset NC_024628
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Callithricginae Callithrix jacchus, Almindelig Marmoset NC_025586
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Callithricginae Leontopithecus rosalia, Gylden Løaveabe NC_021952
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Callithricginae Saguinus oedipus, Tamarin NC_021960
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Saimiriinae Saimiri aerstedii, Dødningehovedabe NC_023211
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Saimiriinae Cebus albifrons, Hvidpandet Kapucinerabe NC_002763
Platyrrhini, Cebidae, Saimiriinae Sapajus xanthosternos KC757410
Platyrrhini, Atelidae, Alouattinae Alouatta caraya, Brøleabe NC_021938
Platyrrhini, Atelidae, Alouattinae Ateles belzebuth, Edderkop-Abe KC757386
Platyrrhini, Atelidae, Alouattinae Lagothrix lagotricha, Uldabe NC_021951
Tarsiidae Tarsius syrichta, Spøgelsesabe NC_012774
Lorisidae, Lories Perodicticus potto, Potto NC_012764
Lorisidae, Lories Nycticebus bengaliensis, Plump-Lori NC_021958
Lorisidae, Lories Loris lydekkerianus, Slank-Lori NC_021955
Galagidae, Galagoes Galago senegalensis, Galago NC_012761
Galagidae, Galagoes Otolemur crassicaudatus, Kæmpe-Galago KJ434961
Lemuridae, Lemurs Lemur catta, Katta AJ421451
Lemuridae, Lemurs Hapalemur griseus KC757397
Lemuridae, Lemurs Prolemur simus, Brednæset Lemur NC_021959
Lemuridae, Lemurs Varecia variegata, Vari AB371089
Lemuridae, Lemurs Eulemur macaco, Sort Lemus AB371088
Indriidae Propithecus tattersalli, Sifaka NC_027740
Indriidae Avahi laniger KJ944209
Indriidae Indri indri, Indri KJ944258
Cheirogaleidae Cheirogaleus medius NC_021945
Cheirogaleidae Microcebus murinus NC_028718
Cheirogaleidae Mirza coquereli KJ158463
Lepilemuridae Lepilemur hubbardorum HM070254
Lepilemuridae Megaladapis edwardsi, Væsel-Lemur NC_026088
Paleopropithecidae Palaeopropithecus ingens NC_026090
Daubentoniidae Daubentonia madagascariensis, Aye-Aye KJ158462
Cynocephalidae, Flying lemurs Cynocephalus variegatus, Kaguang AJ428849
Cynocephalidae, Flying lemurs Galeopterus variegatus, flyvende Lemur JN800721
Tupaiidae, Tree shrews Tupaia belangeri, Træspidsmus NC_002521


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